These poses here I have learned from posts from slrlounge. They are mostly used by everyone and have existed for a long time but that group did a great job in identifying them   and giving them some cool names to remember them by. I may have modified 1 or 2 as going from memory here.

These poses are described in terms of the body positions and how they relate to each other, or how the feet are positioned.

  1. The V-up (couples connect at back shoulder)
  2. Closed (basic, face each other)
  3. Opened (stand next to each other)
  4. Stacked (one is behind the other, also the reverse)
  5. Reversed
  6. The Walk
  7. The Swing (Lift)
  8. The Dip
  9. The Carry
  10. Staggered ( on in front of other apart on diff. planes)

The first 5 poses are intimate and where most of our work is done. On those you can add kisses, hugs, involved hand placement for more contact points, gazing, laughter, rub noses etc.

The last 5 are more kinetic and involve physical movement or dynamic placement.

So the first 5 are based on Emotion and the next 5 on Motion.
They set the groundwork,  you still need to position the heads the hands and mostly elicit an emotional reaction (expressions). All these will add variety.


One more pose that I will that I like and will  start  adding into my own work is DANCING. It either involves the groom holding the bride and she rolls away and back (swooshing the dress) or the bride dancing along in front of the groom

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