My name is Sam Tziotzios and I was born and raised in Chicago Illinois.  I worked as a senior engineer for United Airlines for more than a decade starting out as head of the Network Operations at O’Hare International Airport.  In 2006 there was a shift when I decided to move to Greece and also get involved with photography. In Chicago I would occasionally photograph a short film for Columbia University students or IFP members who where starting on their first film.
Of course I am always an engineer at heart (BS and MS in Engineering) and have always been involved in IT with multiple consulting projects per year ranging from setting up branch networks for companies (Cisco, client-server), designing website with e-commerce solutions and teaching computer science classes.

In 2018 I achieved my CCNA certification something for which I am very proud of.  It took a lot of time and dedication to complete and I was happy to discover that I not only passed it, but with a near perfect score on both the CCENT and CCNA exams.

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cell: 6974563458



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  1. Extremely interesting blog with very good photos. I too was involved in films in India once; worked as asst director in a feature film; wanted to make my own, culdnt get the finance. Also worked as visiting lecturer in film appreciation for the Madras Film Institute for a couple of years

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