Erasinos River – Nea Kios

Was walking around the Erasinos river bank in Nea Kios yesterday right before the sun went down.  Some stills from my walk follow.

We were able to free this helicopter looking insect that was caught in a spider’s web.  The freed insect stands alone in the final image on the stick we used to free it.

Nov2014Webs-1 Nov2014Webs-4214 Nov2014Webs-4220 Nov2014Webs-4225 Nov2014Webs-4235

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Nafplio pier visit

One of the many cruise ships that visits Nafplio on a weekly basis. Some photos of Bourtzi (island castle) as well.
In one you can see the castle of Larissa in Argos and Bourtzi which is in Nafplio in a single shot. Thanks to the power of an effective 400mm zoom lens factor.

Nov2014IMG_3828 Nov2014IMG_3849 Nov2014IMG_3850 Nov2014IMG_3852 Nov2014IMG_3838 Nov2014IMG_3854

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Colorfull Nafplio

I never get tired of photographing this city. I don’t think anyone with a camera can ever stop taking stills of the beauty in this town.

The colors of the windows and the groupings of people caught my attention on this one. Reminded me of a fairy tale.
Saturation and Vibrance was pushed a bit in post, but thats all.


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Television advertisement for “Eklektopoleio” in Nafplio.

Television commercial I shot with Ilias Kappa for this great little store in the center of Nafplio which is unique in collecting traditional greek foods direct from producers and selling them at reasonable prices. Alot of their products are hard to find and along with the charm of its owners the lovely couple of Lykourgos and Evgenia and the great ambience of the place, it  makes you want to visit again and again. We wish them great success!Click on the youtube video link below to watch:

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