Television advertisement for “Eklektopoleio” in Nafplio.

Television commercial I shot with Ilias Kappa for this great little store in the center of Nafplio which is unique in collecting traditional greek foods direct from producers and selling them at reasonable prices. Alot of their products are hard to find and along with the charm of its owners the lovely couple of Lykourgos and Evgenia and the great ambience of the place, it  makes you want to visit again and again. We wish them great success!Click on the youtube video link below to watch:

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Music video shot for local band “HalfNote”

This is a video I shot at Delight Studios in Argos for the song “Against this life” by the local rock band “Half Note”.

A Canon t2i was used for shooting with a collection of prime lenses. Great lighting was also provided by the studio.

See more of my work here: φωτογραφηση γαμου Sam Tziotzios. 



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Travel Video for the city of Nafplio, Greece

φωτογράφος ναύπλιο

This is a video I did with 2 colleagues of mine for the city of Nafplio,Greece in the summer of 2012. Nafplio was the first capital of Greece and remains one of the most beautiful cities in Greece today.  With many nearby attractions that you can see in the video that follows one can see why it remains a popular tourist attraction even today.

Για ένα ταξιδιώτη, κυρίως ο φωτογράφος το Ναύπλιο προσφέρει πλούσια θέματα και χρώματα. Εδώ βλέπουμε λίγα παραδείγματα μόνο σε ένα διαφημηστικό βίντεο που κάναμε για την πόλη του Ναυπλίου.
(Φωτογράφος Ναύπλιο)

Nafplio, Greece – Travel from Argos Films on Vimeo.

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