Here are some tips for  posing a couple for engagement or during the wedding day or the day after the wedding as we commonly have here in Greece. So we don’t get frustrated during the photo session I have compiled some go to tips.

  • Change Locations or Backgrounds for variety. Important note: You dont need much scenery for a portrait. Sometimes a hint of the location works. (Wall, Sky, Leaves)
  • Change the Lighting Direction on your subject. Sun can be directly hitting them. Then turn around and get some backlight, then go for a silhouette, then turn them sideways for some Rembrandt or split lighting. Note : The pose should suit the lighting scenarion. Mood also.
  • Expressions variety. Funny, serious, laugh, romance.
  • Movement. Walking to me, or away or sideways. Hair toss or veil shake. Dancing are some ideas.
  • Eyes. Closed, direction away or to us or to ground or to each other.
  • Facial views. Full, 3/4, Profile, From behind OTS (over the shoulder)
  • Hands and arms in posing. Many combos here, touch hip – shoulder- neck-hair – other arm etc. Ying and yang not mirrored. Opposing V shapes as framing.
  • Mood. Light & Airy, Dark and moody. Shadows control
  • Reflections
  • Chin to shoulders (front and from side) and Nose to the Light poses
  • Change walking, looking directions. Also change which side the female is on. Also which part of the frame they occupy.
  • Crops . Reportage needs Full. Medium and Close ups.
  • Head poses. Chin up or down, tilt to side, turn away or to profile)
  • Activities. Walking, smoking, holding bouquet  or jacket, lean on wall or car, bask in sun.
  • Sitting down on chair or ground level.
  • Poses together and apart. Staggered. Featuring one with parts of other as decor.
  • Make sure they are close for affection and multiple contact points.
  • Hold hands
  • Fluff out dress
  • Thru the veil shots
  • About to kiss, whisper in her ear. nose to temple, snuggle-hug with arms, make her laugh.
  • Magnetize heads
  • Angles on same pose. 360 degrees around and distance (near-far). Move around them.


More tips on this article here.



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