Some of the photographers I admire include the following.

As far as film cinematographers go I love the work of Conrad Hall. One of the first films I saw on the big screen was “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid“.




Techniques he used such as flares, underexposure, desaturated look, softness, shooting thru foliage and objects, caught my attention at an early age and I somehow wanted to replicate some of that in my work.

Of course all photographers admire the work of Gordon Willis on The Godfather.

some frames from the film are the following:

the godfather - office
the godfather – office
the godfather - statue of liberty
the godfather – statue of liberty


As far as wedding or event photography I really admire the work of Jerry Ghionis, Ryan Brenizer, Joe Buissink, Roberto Valenzuela, and many more I cant remember.

For my equipment like many others I am a big fan of BHPHOTO in New York., as well as ADORAMA. Both companies have many youtube tutorial videos demonstrating their equipment and sharing a wealth of knowledge to new and existing skilled photographers. I highly recommend both.

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