Don’t know why it took me so long to discover portrait/fashion photographer Irving Penn.
Going back to the 1940s for his beginnings we are informed that he was one of the first to use  a simple grey or white background. He originated the portrait in a corner look. I see this alot these days with Sam Hurd and Sue Bryce coming to mind at the moment (corner portraits).

Looking thru his portfolio I also see that he used hands to cover one eye (popular in wedding and fashion photography these days) as well as hiding in branches and leaves (also popular today in stylistic choices the photographers make).

Also like his use of what fashion photographers call the “headache pose” these days of Truman Capote.
I am adding some stills that I found on the internet to demonstrate some of the points I made above. I will dig deeper into his work…

irving pennirving penn

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