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jo nesbo athensI am so excited!! My wife and I love Jo Nesbo’s books. I admit I got her hooked on him after “Blood on the snow”, then she went off and read most all of his books.
Turns out the local publisher here in Greece “Εκδόσεις Μεταίχμιο” has invited him today at the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens Greece.

Its an hour and a half drive but I am trying to make it out there today and see our hero!
Cant wait to see the “Snowman” movie that was based on his book of the same title.

Seems like this is becoming a Nesbo year.
Hope to make it out there today and present some photos here. Its tough to get in as there are a limited number of seats!

wish me luck 🙂


After a 2 hour drive to Athens and all seats being taken with people waiting outside in case there is an extra seat I felt discouraged. Thank God there were tickets waiting for me as I had called ahead and said I would be driving there from far away.
The place (the Onasis Cutlural Center) blew my away with its design. The convenient parking underground saved us as we didnt have time to look for street parking. Plus it only cost 5 euros for 3 hours. The scary bit was going down 6 levels. I had never gone that far into the earth to park 🙂
The conversation was an eye opened as we discovered how laid back and casual Jo Nesbo was and that he was in Greece for the past 3 weeks doing rock climbing in Kalymnos (greek island). Turns out if you google it they are famous for rock climbing down there.
Enjoyed hearing his thoughts on morality and what we consider good and evil as justified by social mandates and not true absolute God given codes. I would have liked to personally ask him if this negates evil then, and if the driving engine behind all his books is not to conquer the evil doer. Is Nesbo a nihilist perhaps?
It was a very philisophical conversation from a person who seemed to be very psychologically balanced who was done his soul searching in life.
Norway he also explained was fair to all its citizens and shared its wealth equally to its citizens. Even unemployed people in Norway can survive just fine so there is no real reason to commit any crime. Maybe thats why there is a rise in crime fiction writers in Norway, it only exists in the fantasy realm.

One thing is for sure, having lived in the US and Greece myself, I felt envious that in 2017 neither of those 2 countries offer me any kind of security in the future in terms of employment, health insurance, food and board or survival for that matter. I felt envious that I was not born in Norway….

Photos from the event follow.

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