tiryntha, tiryns

Having found this great field on the way from my town Argos towards Nafplio I was very happy. It had bales of hay and great view of an open sky with the added benefit of the sun setting in the background. Golden rays.

I was able to take this photo at that same spot of the wife while testing my new Nikon zoom lens.
tiryntha, tiryns

What great colors and background I thought. I even took a photo of myself and the location itself for ideas of how to frame my couple the next day.

Here are some pics of  that

A few minutes after this photo 2 shepherds in the distance approached me and told me to leave the premises. I was on prison ground !! and they were prisoners serving time!! I couldn’t shoot there again they said.

I was heartbroken. Some times the best locations are not attainable 🙁

I have these few frames to remember this by.


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