Nikos & Katerina contacted me via their hometown of Trikala Greece. They came all the way to Nafplio to get married at the beautiful church of Agia Kyriaki in Tolo. I absolutely love that church and father Mixalis, I even had my son baptized there.
Their preparation and reception took place at Iria Beach hotel by the pool and candle lit tables.
They were a very laid back and modern couple and Katerina tutors in a private school as I once did many years ago.
Their great wedding was followed by a wonderful day after session that started from the ancient town of Epidavros. We had tried to get a shooting permit for the theater as our background but we were denied due to the antiquity of the place. It was strange because I have seen many Italians photograph their wedding couples right inside ancient greek theaters. I guess Greece is the only one disallowing this.
Either way we found even better locations in the surrounding fields and I think it was for the best. I always wanted to shoot with a shepherd and sheep in the background and open space around us. It was a lucky break for me. Goes to show you why you should never give up as many more opportunities will show up during a photo shoot when something becomes unavailable.
“Na zisete” Nikos & Katerina.
By the way this under the veil shot became such a favorite of mine that I am starting to incorporate it into my future work if give a nice location and lighting scenario.

nafplio wedding γαμος ναυπλιο

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