June 2, 2017

wedding couple poses ideas

Some ideas I will offer is to have them do some of the following:

  • Not look at the camera. Direct their eyes if you must.
  • Touch. Multiple points of contact. Interaction
  • Emotions. Elicit them via music or talking. Laughter, love.
  • Movement. Walking, Dancing, Lift, Dip, Carry, Piggyback

Also here are a few articles I have collected with thoughts on posing the wedding couple.
I am adding the article links here so I can access them in the future too.
This is only a small sample that I will grow as time goes by hopefully.

From slrlounge – 10 bridal poses here :  https://www.slrlounge.com/bridal-poses/

From slrlounge – 10 basic couple poses:  https://www.slrlounge.com/wedding-poses/

From kern photo – Posing tips for couples:  http://www.kern-photo.com/2011/04/posing-tips-for-photographers/

From improve photography : https://improvephotography.com/41465/tips-photographing-couples/

A big collection here:  http://www.thedatingdivas.com/101-tips-and-ideas-for-couples-photography/

Some poses for the groom as well here: http://shootdotedit.com/2015/06/11-go-to-poses-for-the-groom/

75 must have poses from BridalGuide  https://www.bridalguide.com/planning/the-details/photo-video/new-must-have-wedding-photos#140719



……….these for now, more soon.


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