If you are like me you are constantly trying to up your game and improve, but are you finding that there are more wedding photography tutors out there than there are clients with inquiries.
It seems that for every pound of knowledge  I work hard to digest an ounce of improvement shows up in my work. And I guess that;s the case wih education, you can cram so much education into your memory cells but unless you actively train and apply those techniques they seem to be lost in some dark corner of your brain. That knowledge usually shows up in your memory when you recognize one of those techniques in someone else’s work.”Oh yeah thats a reflection shot with an archway as a frame and some bokeh xmas lighs in the foreground” etc. But unless you do a dozen of those that knowledge will be inaccessible it seems.
So getting back to my original statement, the weaker I feel the more tutors and educators appear online, making it seem so easy to attain a higher level. And you go to seminars, and watch so many hours of youtube videos, and ebooks/paperbooks, blogs, following your hero photographers. And you see so many photographers in those seats next to you, excited. Dont get me wrong, its great to network and share the knowledge. The only concern I have it seems alot of this bettering ourselves doesnt necessarily translate to more clients, or even  people who connect with our work.
So the latest in the education series is the marketing techniques.  They tell us all the aesthetic stuff is good but if clients dont book you are not working on your business, your SEO, your marketing  etc.

I guess what I am saying is its hard to keep working on all of these skillsets, and the money we spend is never seen by our clients who I assume think we only bought a camera and that was it, 🙂

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