There are two schools of thought as far as wedding photography is concerned.

A. Capture the moment as best you can.

B. Create the moment. Direct it.


In the first senario the photographer tries to be as less intrusive as possible and waits to capture the real moment when it occurs.

In the second scenario the photographer will use art-direction ranging from lighting, location, scene placement, props, bacgrounds to get a photograph like a magazine cover.

Both practices are valid, the differece being that customers initially weigh toward the second option only to realize that their photgraphs lack the reality of the event. What they received are great photographs emulating what they have seen in magazines – sometimes they are exact duplicates – but they somehow begin to feel unnatural, staged, even fake.

Some typical examples of this are even more pronounced when the bride and groom become small objects in a frame covered with clouds, or water, or rocks, or a wall, or a train station. The image=photograph is the true star here and not the bride and groom. The photographer is yelling “look at me. i’m directing”.  Even worse you can hardly recognize the bride and groom in such a small scale.

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